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O.H.T. (Occupational Hazard Trio) featuring Marcus Schinkel

Relations between the Netherlands and Germany are among the most intensive in the world and go back a long way. This project of the Dutch O.H.T (Occupational Hazard Trio) and the well-known German pianist Marcus Schinkel is both a literal and musical crossover: a musical fusion of two countries with rich musical cultures in the classical and jazz fields. In the concert, the musicians push the boundaries and go over them with great pleasure, searching for beautiful musical pearls. Included are works by Beethoven, Dutch musical pride Sweelinck, the unique gypsy jazz originating from the Dutch-German Sinti community and own compositions with a unique vision: the Netherlands meets Germany!


Guitarist Joost Zoeteman is known for his idiosyncratic guitar playing, a crossover of jazz, gypsy jazz and contemporary influences from all over the world. With a fresh and open approach to existing styles, he breathes new life into styles with roots in tradition. The American magazine Just Jazz Guitar wrote about Joost's playing: "this is Music with balls, artistry and attitude from a player who has chops for days" The music has led Joost in recent years to successful performances at the Hidrelliz Festival Istanbul, Djangofollies and more , Khamoro Gypsy Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival

At the center of several musical projects, Joost founded his trio with Wim de Vries (drums) and Bart Tarenskeen (doublebass). Wim de Vries- one of the most noted drummers in Europe and the one half of „Drumbassadors“- who created a furore in the whole world and Bart an important figure in the Dutch jazz musician scene

Crossover pianist Marcus Schinkel

Crossover - the bridge that connects different styles of music, different cultures and peoples. One of the most advanced 'bridge builders' is Marcus Schinkel: pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger who combines the genres of European classical music, jazz and rock with the music of cultures around the world.

Schinkel's long and ongoing "Crossover Beethoven" is a marriage of jazz and classical music, continuously developed by Schinkel in various formations from solo through trio to orchestra, and is celebrated with legendary artists such as Markus Stockhausen, Charlie Mariano and Grammy winner Ernie Watts. Some of Schinkel's crossover projects take place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with the youth orchestra "Victoriano Lopez": Beethoven's "Emperor" concert enriched with elements of jazz and Latin American music.

In the recent past, Schinkel founded the progressive rock group "Voyager IV" with arrangements of Modest Mussorgskij's "Pictures of an Exhibition". Schinkel combines the Mussorgskij project with his earlier work in Honduras, including in the arrangements a Honduran rock band and the orchestra "Victoriano Lopez". In 2020 Voyager IV will win the German Rock & Pop Prize for best rock band and Schinkel will visit Chengdu (China) as cultural ambassador for the German Embassy, ​​where he will combine music by Beethoven, Jazz and Chinese folk music with a trio formed especially for the occasion.

He also plays at the invitation of the German Embassy in the Casa del Jazz with his trio and with the renowned Roman saxophonist Fabrizio Dalisera. wrote: "Tradition is not the keeping of the ashes, but the passing of the fire!"

Paulus Schäfer /Joost Zoeteman 4tet

A special musical encounter between two guitar players with a different personal background and playing style, but the same passion for the guitar. The result is a swinging musical show full of improvisation, fire and virtuosity where the guitar is central. The Joost Zoeteman Paulus Schäfer quartet has a refreshing musical approach and breathes new life into existing styles. You can count on a program with gypsyswing, jazz, latin and funk with a contemporary sound.

Paulus Schäfer is internationally one of the most talented and much sought after gypsy swing jazz guitarist. Guitarist Joost Zoeteman is known for his idiosyncratic guitar playing, a crossover of jazz, gypsy jazz and contemporary influences from all over the world. The rhythm section of the quartet consists of two internationally renowned jazz musicians, drummer Wim de Vries and bass player Jasper Somsen.

“This is Django Reinhardt anno today, with musicians that have performed worldwide and Paulus about to play at Carnegie Hall in New York, Wim de Vries being voted best drummer in the Benelux... all the ingredients for a high class concert and our audience loved every minute of it” review Podium Gorter