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Joost Zoeteman Quartet

After our "Hello Oscar" project we wanted to do a project where the guitar has a central role. We did a small series of concerts last year and planning to play concerts and festivals the upcoming period. In the beginning of next year the album "Live in Almere" will be released by HGBS. Very satisfied with our bandsound, musical interaction and live atmosphere. The line up: Hans Kwakkernaat (p), Joost Zoeteman (g), Wim de Vries (d), Bas Rietmeijer/Lucien Matheeuwsen (b)

Hans Kwakkernaat Quartet - Hello Oscar, a tribute to Oscar Peterson

This project started out in 2012 and is succesfull to this day. The music of Oscar Peterson attracts a lot of people. The album "Hello Oscar" was recorded and released at the legendary MPS Studio, the same studio where Peterson recorded seven albums, including “Hello Herbie” and “Exclusively for my friends".

Joost Zoeteman Trio

Working on this one with two great musicians; Bart Tarenskeen (bass) and Wim de Vries (drums). Keep you posted!


New album coming up!

"Live in Almere" Joost Zoeteman Quartet will be released in 2016 by HGBS.

"Hello Oscar - Hans Kwakkernaat Quartet. Order @ HGBS or Itunes.

Joost appeared on several albums as a sideman.